Weather? What Weather?

It is that time of year again.  Fall storms are starting to appear and temperatures are beginning to drop.

The weather report gets checked daily, as I obsessively plan and replan my week.  Is it going to frost?  What days will be dry?  Will we be getting any windstorms?

During the summer, I can methodically go through my list.  I might have to water here and there, but rainstorms are a relief, not a dreaded reality.  With the changing of seasons that is no more.  Now it is essential that I get the most out of each day.  I mentally split my list into needs and wants, inside chores and outside chores, and chores that can be done even if the ground is sopping wet.

And so it will go until early summer when the rains stop and my frantic effectiveness can morph into relaxed puttering yet again.

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