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I was originally going to name this blog “The Potting Shed.”  Not that my workspace is actually a potting shed.  What I have is a corner of the shop.  Two shelves, two counters, and some floor space, to be precise.

Normally, this arrangement works fine.  Then comes hunting season.  That is when my workspace turns into a meat locker.  The windows are boarded up, an air conditioner is installed, and meat is hung from the rafters.

Of course, this only happens when my husband actually gets his elk.  Still, it is good to be prepared, so last week I determined to get the chives and oregano off the counter and into the ground.  First, though, I needed to pick the peas.  Then, I decided they were done for the year, so I had to pull up the remnants and winterize the plot.  Before I could plant the cover crop of oats, though, I had to spread manure over the bed.  This depleted my manure pile, allowing me to spread it out and reseed the lawn (leading to this post).  Needless to say, the shop did not get emptied of plants, although I did at least get the chives transplanted.

I still wasn’t worried, even though the school year was starting, and gardening chores would now be relegated to the weekends.  Thanks to Labor Day, it was a short week, and I knew I could prep the oregano bed and get the potted plants in the ground in just a few days.  What was the chance of Alan getting his elk before then anyway?

Apparently a good one.  He got the elk on opening day.  At dinner time, of course, leaving me scrambling to clear the shop of plants and clean the floors as best I could before I crashed for the night.  It was hectic to say the least.

But tonight I am eating backstrap.

Elk Quarters Hanging in the Shop

Elk Quarters Hanging in the Shop

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2 Responses to Sharing my Workspace

  1. alan says:

    wow. at least you got to sleep. my pity-meter is reading low.

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    Did I mention the backstrap was really, really good? 🙂

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