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Surviving the Drought

I live in one of the rainiest places on the Washington coast.  In fact, it normally rains 201 days out of the year in my home town.  This means that I typically have a very short growing season: May/June — … Continue reading

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July To-Do List

Maintenance Keep on weeding. Do a weekly check on any plants planted within the last three years. Edge beds. Clean and sharpen the pruners.  If I keep putting this on my list, it will get done.  Eventually. Don’t forget to … Continue reading

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Rain and Weeds

Despite the rain, I am finally making some progress in the garden.  Even though I’m still catching up to where I thought I would be in April (thank you, rainy Spring) the vegetables are almost all planted. I am also … Continue reading

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Lovely Spring Weather

We actually had a couple of nice days this weekend.  They even dried up the ground enough for me to do some weeding today. I know this post is much shorter than usual, but I decided to enjoy the weather … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

After a record-setting month of rainfall, you would think the weather would start to even out.  And it has, for the most part.  Unfortunately, “for the most part” did not cover Thursday night.  In less than 24 hours, we got … Continue reading

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Nice Weather? In March?

I always have such huge plans in March . . . and then the rains come anyway.  Actually, this year, snow has come — not enough to stick for long in the lowlands, but enough to be a nuisance.  This … Continue reading

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Beware Of What You Ask For

Since my last post, it has hardly stopped raining.  In fact, we had such a ferocious storm this week, that my herb gardens were flooded in pools of water half a foot deep.  I am sure I was a hilarious … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain, Come Again Today

My tulip bulbs finally arrived a couple of days ago, so of course we have been plunged firmly into the rainy season.  The only day that might be dry enough to plant them in the near future is today — … Continue reading

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Weather? What Weather?

It is that time of year again.  Fall storms are starting to appear and temperatures are beginning to drop. The weather report gets checked daily, as I obsessively plan and replan my week.  Is it going to frost?  What days … Continue reading

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