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Garlic, Garlic, Garlic!

I planted a lot of garlic last fall, not really sure what I would get.  In the past, my garlic has been decent, but the bulbs have been small and I haven’t gotten that big of a harvest.  That’s not … Continue reading

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July Wrap Up

Maintenance I have done weekly checks on all the plants that have either been transplanted or planted within the last three years. I have made progress with the weeding.  The battle will never be over, but at least I’ve gained … Continue reading

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Rain and Weeds

Despite the rain, I am finally making some progress in the garden.  Even though I’m still catching up to where I thought I would be in April (thank you, rainy Spring) the vegetables are almost all planted. I am also … Continue reading

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February To-Do List

Planning Photograph garden. Order seeds, hoop snaps, netting, and tomato trellises. Create this year’s planting schedule. Maintenance Sharpen mower blades. Clean and sharpen pruners. Get a tub, potting soil, and tarp for the houseplants at school. Landscaping Update bird feeders … Continue reading

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Unexpected Harvest Bounty

Basket-full of goodies! We are supposed to get our first major freeze tonight, so a couple of days ago, I decided to harvest the carrots, mud or no mud. Every year, I try to overwinter them, but all I get … Continue reading

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Monthly Wrapup: October

Planning I got some fall plant ideas from Home Depot.  True, it is not the best nursery around, but as long as I was there, I decided to browse. Japanese Blood Grass: I have really been noticing grasses lately, and … Continue reading

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Timing is Everything

Why is it that more tasks seem to get done when you have less time to do them?  Last week, I had all weekend free, and yet I barely did more than turn the compost and a little bit of … Continue reading

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Garden Chores: October 2011

Planning * Buy garlic and spring bulbs. * Visit nurseries to get ideas for fall shrubs.  I can’t afford to buy any (those darned bulbs are expensive) but I can jot down names and possibly make room for them in … Continue reading

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September Wrap Up

My biggest challenge this month was not the drought.  It was time.  The start of the school year is always busy, but this year seemed crazier than most.  hanks to my hectic schedule, some of my Must-Do list (as opposed … Continue reading

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Harvest Delight

My first pumpkin of the season — possibly my only pumpkin.  In the past, my pumpkins have gone bonkers, taking over the entire yard and the harvest has been much bigger.  This year, however, they were much more sedate, so … Continue reading

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