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Surviving the Drought

I live in one of the rainiest places on the Washington coast.  In fact, it normally rains 201 days out of the year in my home town.  This means that I typically have a very short growing season: May/June — … Continue reading

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June Wrap Up

Berries I successfully kept the deer out of my blueberries by draping bird netting over the bushes. I harvested my blueberries and strawberries. Flower Gardens Bulbs I staked the calla lilies in the backyard.  Unfortunately, I did not get to … Continue reading

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October To-Do List

Berries Plant more strawberries. Spread compost around blueberries. Mulch blueberries with fallen leaves. Flower Garden Annuals: Nothing this month. Bulbs: Spread compost on the Spring bulbs. Native Plants: Mulch Indian plum with leaves. Uproot/dig up as many poplars as I … Continue reading

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September Wrap-Up

Not much got done this month.  I harvested some of my potatoes and turnips, but that was about it.  Fortunately, more is already getting accomplished in October.

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Turnip Harvest

When I harvested my potatoes the other day, I also harvested some turnips. These took a bit more work to store away than the potatoes did, though. First, I had to dump them in a sink for a quick rinse. … Continue reading

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First Harvest of the Year

It may not look like much, but I gathered in the first harvest of the year. This is just the start, though.  Since the potatoes that volunteered in the compost pile (denying me use of half of said pile) sprouted … Continue reading

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September To Do List

There is always a lot to do in the garden, and every month I faithfully post my list.  Some of it will get done and some will not, but it helps to keep me on-track.  For those of you who … Continue reading

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August Wrap Up

Like most gardeners, my to-do list tends to be bigger than I can actually accomplish each month.  However, some of it still manages to be crossed off the list.  Here is the wrap up of what I did get done … Continue reading

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Locally Grown Heirloom Garlic

In August 2012, I posted about a bumper crop of garlic.  It grew so well that I had full intentions of using some of it for seed.  Unfortunately, that October had heavier rainfall than normal.  Any marginally clear day had … Continue reading

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August To Do List

Maintenance Sharpen mower blades. Water when needed. As always, keep on weeding. Vegetable Garden Plant lettuce, peas, and beans. Order garlic bulbs. Sow cover crops. Herb Garden Remove flower stems from the lavender when it finishes blooming. Reshape lavender if … Continue reading

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