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June Wrap Up

Berries I successfully kept the deer out of my blueberries by draping bird netting over the bushes. I harvested my blueberries and strawberries. Flower Gardens Bulbs I staked the calla lilies in the backyard.  Unfortunately, I did not get to … Continue reading

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October To-Do List

Berries Plant more strawberries. Spread compost around blueberries. Mulch blueberries with fallen leaves. Flower Garden Annuals: Nothing this month. Bulbs: Spread compost on the Spring bulbs. Native Plants: Mulch Indian plum with leaves. Uproot/dig up as many poplars as I … Continue reading

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August Wrap Up

Like most gardeners, my to-do list tends to be bigger than I can actually accomplish each month.  However, some of it still manages to be crossed off the list.  Here is the wrap up of what I did get done … Continue reading

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Completing the Herb Garden

After digging out all the poplars and removing the cinder blocks, I was finally ready to move onto the more normal aspects of prepping my herb garden.  First, I had to loosen the soil.  Since it was so heavily compacted … Continue reading

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Battle of the Cinder Blocks

As I mentioned in my previous post, after finally clearing most of the poplar roots from my new herb bed, I discovered that cinder blocks were buried under the dirt — a good five to six inches deep — in … Continue reading

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Attack of the Poplars

For years I have been trying to get an herb garden established. Unfortunately for me, though, a good portion of our yard floods every winter.  Each time I thought I had found a good spot, the floods would destroy the … Continue reading

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Giving the Lavender a Haircut

Everything is so dry right now that I have to run the sprinklers just to be able to weed without choking on the dust.  Yesterday, by the time I watered things down, thee was not a lot of time left … Continue reading

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Beware Of What You Ask For

Since my last post, it has hardly stopped raining.  In fact, we had such a ferocious storm this week, that my herb gardens were flooded in pools of water half a foot deep.  I am sure I was a hilarious … Continue reading

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Monthly Wrapup: October

Planning I got some fall plant ideas from Home Depot.  True, it is not the best nursery around, but as long as I was there, I decided to browse. Japanese Blood Grass: I have really been noticing grasses lately, and … Continue reading

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Timing is Everything

Why is it that more tasks seem to get done when you have less time to do them?  Last week, I had all weekend free, and yet I barely did more than turn the compost and a little bit of … Continue reading

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