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Garden Chores: October 2011

Planning * Buy garlic and spring bulbs. * Visit nurseries to get ideas for fall shrubs.  I can’t afford to buy any (those darned bulbs are expensive) but I can jot down names and possibly make room for them in … Continue reading

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September Wrap Up

My biggest challenge this month was not the drought.  It was time.  The start of the school year is always busy, but this year seemed crazier than most.  hanks to my hectic schedule, some of my Must-Do list (as opposed … Continue reading

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Sharing my Workspace

I was originally going to name this blog “The Potting Shed.”  Not that my workspace is actually a potting shed.  What I have is a corner of the shop.  Two shelves, two counters, and some floor space, to be precise. … Continue reading

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September 2011: Garden Chores To-Do List

Each month, I create a to-do list for my garden, knowing that the vast majority of it will not get checked off.  In fact, several items on this month’s list are carried over from last month.  Still, the checklist helps … Continue reading

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