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Is This The End?

All summer long, I have been battling bees.  It started with a small paper nest of yellow-jackets, resting at ground level.  After that, I almost stepped on another yellow-jacket nest.  Although this one didn’t get much blog space, it was … Continue reading

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More on the Hornets

Well, my husband doused the nest with two cans of spray.  I would have taken pictures, but wasn’t going near where they might retaliate.  Nothing went after him, though, so that might do the trick.  If it appears safe tomorrow, … Continue reading

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Summer of the Bees

The story continues.  Earlier today, my daughter came running inside because a bee was chasing her.  Then, about an hour ago, my husband called me upstairs because bees were divebombing the window.  When I looked out from a different angle, … Continue reading

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The Battle for my Garden

As anybody who reads my blog knows, weeds are a continual issue with me.  I realize it is a natural consequence of cutting down all the brush we inherited before we had replacement plants, but it is still an ongoing … Continue reading

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Harvest Delight

My first pumpkin of the season — possibly my only pumpkin.  In the past, my pumpkins have gone bonkers, taking over the entire yard and the harvest has been much bigger.  This year, however, they were much more sedate, so … Continue reading

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