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April, May, and June Showers Make Weeds . . . and Compost!

Yes, I know I have spent a lot of time complaining about both the wetness and the weeds.  Here are a couple of before and after pics, so you can see exactly what I’m dealing with. This was my strawberry … Continue reading

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Rain and Weeds

Despite the rain, I am finally making some progress in the garden.  Even though I’m still catching up to where I thought I would be in April (thank you, rainy Spring) the vegetables are almost all planted. I am also … Continue reading

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June To-Do List

It is that time of year again, and the garden chores are exploding.  Fortunately, summer break is almost here, so I will soon have time to go after them with a vengeance. Planning Photograph the entire garden. Prepare new beds … Continue reading

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May Wrap Up

As usual, May was hectic.  Between the end of track and beginning to wrap up the school year, there wasn’t much time to garden or blog.  Still, I managed to take care of a few odds and ends. Planning I … Continue reading

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May To-Do List

Planning I need to order the rest of my seeds and supplies, even if it means breaking out the credit card.  If I can’t budget them, however, my list will need to be pared down.  I can successfully argue the … Continue reading

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April Wrap Up

Planning I finally created my planting schedule for the year.  I’m already behind on it, but at least it’s there. Maintenance My husband sharpened the lawn mower blades. Lawn We thatched and reseeded the side lawn, knowing that it will … Continue reading

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April To-Do List

Planning Continue ordering seeds & supplies.  Budget or no budget, I really need to hurry up and finish this. Maintenance Clean up the garden and prep it for Spring planting.  This always takes longer than I want it to, so … Continue reading

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March Wrap Up

Planning I photographed the garden. My crop rotation finally got finalized. I ordered more seeds. Maintenance The compost pile dried out enough for me to turn it for the first time this season. Lawn We started mowing. Flower Garden Native … Continue reading

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Nice Weather? In March?

I always have such huge plans in March . . . and then the rains come anyway.  Actually, this year, snow has come — not enough to stick for long in the lowlands, but enough to be a nuisance.  This … Continue reading

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Shuffling through the Rotation

I finally got around to finalizing my crop rotations this morning.  I would have much rather spent the time outside, but since it was hailing intermittently, I decided it was time to stop procrastinating. In theory, this would be simple.  … Continue reading

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