September Wrap Up

My biggest challenge this month was not the drought.  It was time.  The start of the school year is always busy, but this year seemed crazier than most.  hanks to my hectic schedule, some of my Must-Do list (as opposed to my Want-To-Do list) did not get done.  Most notably, my oregano did not get transplanted, lettuce was not planted in the cold frame, and weeding simply was not done.  Nevertheless, I did manage to carve out some time for the garden.


* My entire garden got photographed, weeds and all.

The fuchsia looks gorgeous -- the weeds, not so much.

* I planned out my Spring bulbs.

Vegetable Garden

* I harvested my peas, potatoes, turnips, and one pumpkin.

* I planted a cover crop of oats on the pea beds, but decided to leave the vetch in the turnip plot.  The potato beds still need to be winterized.

Herb Garden

* I transplanted the chives and the sage.

* There were more sage starts than I had room for, so the extras were transferred to bigger pots.

Flower Garden

* Absolutely nothing got done.


* I thatched, aerated, and reseeded the section of lawn between the garden and the compost.  That’s the area that is the least lawn-like, so I had to water every day until germination took place.  The grass liked this — our water bill did not.


* I did a little pruning and deadheading, but they didn’t need much.

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