September 2011: Garden Chores To-Do List

Each month, I create a to-do list for my garden, knowing that the vast majority of it will not get checked off.  In fact, several items on this month’s list are carried over from last month.  Still, the checklist helps keep me organized, and in those rare moments when I have time that is not devoted to a “must do now” project, I can gradually chip away at the list.

Here is this month’s checklist.


  • Keep up with weeding, watering, and harvesting
  • Tie roses to trellis if needed.
  • Edge beds.
  • Attack the ivy.
  • Clean up the shop.


  • Fertilize my potted sage and strawberry plants, and my houseplants, once by topdressing with coffee grounds and by watering with cold coffee.
  • Topdress bulbs, Indian plum, ferns, shrubs, the apple tree, and the hazelnuts with compost.

Bed Prep

  • Prep cold frame, strawberry bed, and oregano plot.
  • Mulch shrubs, apple tree, and hazelnuts.


  • Plant lettuce in the cold frame.
  • Transplant chives, oregano, ferns, hostas, and fuchsia.


  • Prune houseplants back.  this shouldn’t be a big chore since I just potted them.
  • Prune out blackspot on the roses.
  • Prune off any ivy flowerheads.  even though I am trying to get rid of it, it is unlikely that I will get that far this month.  Keeping it from reseeding, however, may be doable.

Lawn Care

  • Aerate, thatch, and overseed the lawn.


  • Photograph the garden, including views from inside the house as well as views from outdoor approaches.
  • Draw a map for planting Spring bulbs.
  • Mark plants that need to be moved or divided.
  • Buy garlic.


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5 Responses to September 2011: Garden Chores To-Do List

  1. Jerre says:

    You can have some of my elephant garlic. It’s wonderful. I got it from Anthea and have given it to friends from Oregon to Nebraska! It’s like a friendship chain of garlic!

    • Sarah Sarah says:

      Okay. I mostly grow softneck varieties, because they store longer, but I miss the showy blooms that elephant garlic has. And if I get more cloves than I can plant, I’ll send some of the softneck varieties your way. I’m ordering 3 varieties this year, so I can supposedly have garlic all summer long.

  2. Jerre says:

    P.S. I love lists!

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