Searching for the Perfect Avatar

At times I can be a perfectionist.  I get an idea in my head that seems absolutely perfect.  Then, when that perfection is not readily attainable, I cannot and will not deal with lesser substitutes.  This is why my house felt bare and empty for several years after we bought it.  Until I could afford the furniture that I actually wanted, I saw no point in buying anything that was not absolutely necessary.  It is also why my blog has never had an avatar.

Finally, my sister took me to task over this.  Granted, she was not the first to do so, but she also listened as I explained what I wanted.  I simply cannot draw well enough to create the logo I was looking for, and I do not have the funds to pay somebody else to create it for me.  Eventually, though, we decided to take a picture of a rained upon flower.

This was in the realm of possibility, unlike my hand-drawn logo, but it would still be difficult to achieve.  I may live in a rainforest, but it is in the middle of August right now — drought season.  Besides that, when it does rain, everything is usually so soggy afterward that it does not make for a good picture.  My sister told me to just spray the plants with a hose, but I was determined to wait for actual rainfall (the perfection thing again).

Fortunately for both myself and my blog (and Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter) today’s rainfall was just what I was looking for.  It rained most of the day, but it very rarely poured.  Most of the time it sprinkled just lightly enough that the plants did not dry out.

I took several pictures, but eventually settled upon this fuchsia.  (And yes, there are two watermarks on it.  Oops.)

It's me!

It’s me!

It might have taken me several years, but I have the perfect avatar for both myself and my blog.

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