Rain, Rain, Go Away

After a record-setting month of rainfall, you would think the weather would start to even out.  And it has, for the most part.  Unfortunately, “for the most part” did not cover Thursday night.  In less than 24 hours, we got over 2 inches of rainfall and our yard was flooded yet again.  Fortunately, the Spring growth helped drain things quickly.  Saturday, I was able to weed the front bed, and the vegetable bed had dried out enough to plant potatoes by this morning.

At least my ferns love the rain.  I recently trimmed the fronds off and now all the new fronds are unfurling.  Thanks to the rampant sogginess, this is progressing at a much faster rate than normal.

I always feel guilty cutting all the old fronds off.

Especially when I know this ugliness will be the result.

This is my favorite part.

Just a day later.

Unfortunately, the weeds also love the rain.

In unrelated news, I actually caught the first cherry blossom of the year (on my tree, at least).  This picture was taken within 10 minutes of the bloom opening.

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  1. Jason says:

    I also love the ferns in spring when the fronds are unfurling.

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