October To-Do List

Broadfork -- 8-15-2014Berries

  • Plant more strawberries.
  • Spread compost around blueberries.
  • Mulch blueberries with fallen leaves.

Flower Garden


  • Nothing this month.


  • Spread compost on the Spring bulbs.

Native Plants:

  • Mulch Indian plum with leaves.
  • Uproot/dig up as many poplars as I can once rain starts.


  • Transplant the hostas.
  • Transplant the fuchsia.


  • Tie climbing roses to trellis.
  • Mulch roses with fallen leaves — after the first freeze.
  • Trim back long canes.
  • Remove rose leaves after the first freeze.


  • Fertilize the shrubs.

Herb Garden


  • Nothing this month.


  • Aerate, thatch, and reseed the front lawn.
  • Rake leaves as needed.


  • Sharpen the mower blades.
  • Edge the beds.
  • Conquer the front bed.
  • Clean the birdbath.
  • Set out the birdfeeders for the winter.


  • Call an arborist to cut down the pine tree.
  • Mulch around the fruit and nut trees.
  • Cut down the Japanese maple after the leaves have dropped.

Vegetable Garden

  • Sow cover crops as plots get emptied.
  • Plant the garlic.
  • Harvest potatoes and turnips.


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One Response to October To-Do List

  1. Kim says:

    You certainly do lots of vegetables and flowers. I am just a flower person. If I plant a tomato or a pepper, most of the time it just looks up at me in horror and promptly passes out. It know it is doomed to die! You do very well, I think. I could learn a lot from you. Thanks.

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