New Year’s Resolutions 2012: Garden Style!

This year, I will:

  • Conquer the front flower bed.  Even if it looks boring and drab, it will be well defined and the only plants there will be ones that were purposefully planted there.
  • Increase my weeding.  I am constantly battling the fine line between getting new things in the ground and taking time to keep already freed areas clear of weeds.  I have been making myself weed one bucket of weeds before doing other tasks, but as soon as the days get longer, this will change to two buckets.  (While the days are this short, I am just happy at getting ANYTHING done, weeding or no weeding)
  • Figure out how to really use my cold-frame.  I have one, but I have not been very successful with it yet.  I don’t know if it is just bad luck, or if I’ve been unintentionally screwing up.
  • Keep track of the seed varieties I use.  I will do this with a series of posts: what I order or already have, what actually makes it in the ground (this one will probably be updated several times or it will be forgotten once again), and how happy I am with them.
  • Order my Spring bulbs sooner.  I STILL haven’t gotten those darned tulips in the ground.
  • Keep weeds out of the garden path.  I am going to try smothering them with cardboard topped with straw and see what happens.

What are your resolutions?

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