Monthly Wrap Up

What I have accomplished this month:

  • I stopped talking about starting a blog and actually did it!
  • I turned the compost pile.  There are a lot of scientific composting techniques, but mine is more practical than anything else: If I run out of finished compost, I turn the pile.
  • I battled potato blight.  Fortunately, the infection wasn’t severe, and I only had to cut down five plants.
  • Finally started harvesting.  I got some garlic, alpine strawberries, turnips (both roots and greens), and peas.  And my daughter harvested her potatoes.
  • Transplanted one of my inherited roses, but I’m not sure it will make it.  I thought that was the last one, but a rose I thought was dead put up new growth this week.  Guess I’m transplanting roses again next year.
  • The roses I transplanted last year finally grew long enough to tie to the trellis.
  • Plated bachelor’s buttons in the front bed.  So far I’m not impressed, but if they reseed and grow in thicker next year, I could change my mind.
  • I braved the world of houseplants.  Let’s hope I don’t kill them.  My history with potted plants isn’t nearly as good as when the plants are firmly rooted int eh ground.

What I wish I had accomplished:

  • Keeping up with the weeding.  I did a decent job with the flower beds, but couldn’t quite keep up with the veggie garden and the strawberry patch.
  • I had hoped to buy a truckload of mulch for my shrubs and flower gardens, but never got around to it.
  • Changed my comment settings to non-filtering.  I had no idea I had comments until I went to post this.  I need to change that.  Has been fixed.


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6 Responses to Monthly Wrap Up

  1. Jerre says:

    Is there a way to follow you by email or facebook link?

    • Sarah Sarah says:

      Not that I know of, but I’m still learning what I can do. Next up is to explore different themes so I can find something that’s more me than the current layout. With school starting, though, I don’t know when I’ll find the time.

      • Jerre says:

        Seems like a facebook of LJ link is the way to get some followers, but I don’t know how it works either. Your list makes me feel a little like an underachiever!

        • Sarah Sarah says:

          You should have seen the amount of stuff on my list that didn’t get done!

          You can subscribe to the site. Go to the bookmarks pulldown and select “subscribe to this page.” Make sure you click the blog feed and not the comments feed, though. This won’t give you e-mail updates, but if you scroll over the bookmark, the latest entries will pop up so you know if something has been added.

  2. Cydney says:

    Drop in at the feed store and pickup some alfalfa pellets (the kind they feed horses not rabbits). Proper measure is a “handful” of pellets and sprinkle around the transplanted old roses. They will love you for it! There is a plant stimulant in the alfalfa that gives them a boost to get started on the right path. Good Luck! A site that might interest you is

    • Sarah Sarah says:

      Thanks for the tip! My mom’s got horses, so maybe I can snag some from her. Am I right in assuming that you don’t need too many?

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