May To-Do List

Broadfork -- 8-15-2014


  • I need to order the rest of my seeds and supplies, even if it means breaking out the credit card.  If I can’t budget them, however, my list will need to be pared down.  I can successfully argue the need for edibles — a flowering egret plant, not so much.
  • I still need to get a tub, tarp, and some potting soil for my classroom.
  • The front garden bed needs to be photographed.  I have been doing this a lot this year, but it is necessary, since that is where most of my garden design efforts are going.


  • The pruners need to be cleaned and sharpened.
  • The soaker hose should be set up.
  • The beds need to be edged.


  • Mow as needed.

Fruits, Nuts, and Berries

  • The dying apple tree still needs to be cut down.
  • Wish list: mulch the Honeycrisp and the hazelnuts.  I doubt this will get done, since I’m already struggling to buy seeds.  If I keep putting it on my list, though, it will happen eventually.

Vegetable Garden

  • Continue planting as I am able.

Herb Garden

  • Continue planting as I am able.

Flower Garden


  • Put compost around the hyacinths.
  • Deadhead the spring bulbs, but leave the foliage intact.

Native Plants:

  • Weed and mulch around the Indian plum.


  • Divide the primroses and plant them by the roses.
  • Mulch all the perennials.


  • Transplant the last of the roses in the backyard to the front.
  • Rake debris from the base of the roses and weed.
  • Spread compost around roses.
  • Tie canes to the trellis.
  • Remove all blind shoots that do not produce flower buds.
  • Check for blackspot and remove.


  • Water if the top inch of soil is dry.
  • Fertilize with coffee grounds twice this month.



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  1. Jason says:

    Reading your to do list was helpful. I just planted my tomatoes and cukes, but forgot to set up the soaker hose. It’s a little early here to plant tender vegetables, but next week I’ll be gone and I was eager to get stuff in the ground.

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