June Wrap Up

Wheelbarrow of Poplar Roots -- 8-3-2014Berries

  • I successfully kept the deer out of my blueberries by draping bird netting over the bushes.
  • I harvested my blueberries and strawberries.

Flower Gardens


  • I staked the calla lilies in the backyard.  Unfortunately, I did not get to the ones in the front yard in time, and they flopped over.

Herb Garden

  • I planted the cilantro and garlic chives.
  • I pruned the thyme.  Most of it did not survive the winter, but a couple of the plants seem to be healthy.


  • The compost got turned.

Vegetable Garden

  • I planted my turnips, beans, arugula, squash, and radishes.
  • I undersowed the turnips with vetch and the tomatoes with nasturtiums.
  • Clover was sowed in all the bare areas.
  • The potatoes were mulched with straw.
  • I harvested the early garlic.
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