July Wrap Up

Wheelbarrow of Poplar Roots -- 8-3-2014


  • I have done weekly checks on all the plants that have either been transplanted or planted within the last three years.
  • I have made progress with the weeding.  The battle will never be over, but at least I’ve gained ground this month.
  • Two yellow-jacket nests are no more.

Vegetable Garden

  • I set up the pea cage.  The clips I bought for the deer netting are marvelous.  They are incredibly easy to take on and off.
  • I planted corn, pumpkins, cucumber, and alfalfa.  I have more to go (yes, even though it’s August), but I made progress.

Herb Garden

  • I planted parsley, garlic chives, and dill.

Flower Garden


  • I planted nasturtiums and poppies.


  • The calla lilies were deadheaded.


  • I weeded around the climbing roses and the latest transplant.
  • The climbing roses have been tied to the trellis and tidied up.


  • They only got fertilized once this month.  Oops.
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