July To-Do List

Broadfork -- 8-15-2014


  • Keep on weeding.
  • Do a weekly check on any plants planted within the last three years.
  • Edge beds.
  • Clean and sharpen the pruners.  If I keep putting this on my list, it will get done.  Eventually.
  • Don’t forget to water when needed.

Vegetable Garden

  • Set up pea and bean cages so the deer leave some for us.
  • Continue planting beans, pumpkins, cucumbers, carrots, corn, and parsnips.  I really hope we have a long Autumn to make up for the non-existent Spring.  Otherwise, I might not get much of a harvest this year.
  • Start checking garlic for readiness to harvest when lower leaves begin turning yellow.

Herb Garden

  • Plant parsley, chives, dill, and basil.

Flower Garden


  • Plant celosia and nasturtiums.


  • Put compost around hyacinths, tulips, and bluebells.
  • Deadhead calla lilies.

Native Plants:

  • Weed around the Indian plum.


  • Divide primroses and plant them by the roses.
  • Cut back perennials if needed.


  • Transplant the roses from the backyard to the front.
  • Spread compost over the roses by mid-month.
  • Weed around the roses.
  • Remove blind shoots from roses.
  • Check for blackspot and remove.
  • Continue deadheading roses, pruning back to an outward facing leaf.
  • Tie roses to trellis — horizontally for more blooms.


  • Keep shrub beds weeded.
  • Prune if necessary.


  • Clean areas where houseplants are displayed.
  • Wash the outsides of the pots.
  • Fertilize twice a month.
  • Water as much as needed.  This may be twice a day if it ever gets above 65 degrees.


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4 Responses to July To-Do List

  1. Becky says:

    Ok, I know nothing about flowers/shrubs – why prune roses back to an “outward facing leaf”? Does it promote growth or just help shape the plants better?

    Our vegetable garden has been LOVING the weather here (of course, we’ve been in the upper 70s since the 4th) and is exploding. We’ll get a lot of peas and beans at least!

    • Sarah Sarah says:

      We had one day in the upper 70s, but it was at least in the low 70s for a couple of hours today.

      By pruning back to an outward facing leaf, the new branches also grow outward, instead of toward the inner plant where the branches grow into a huge tangle. This prevents a lot of pruning later on.

  2. kristi says:

    Love that you include house plants in your garden to-do list. I usually just water house plants, then replace them when they die. Must try your way of thinking.

    • Sarah Sarah says:

      Not that I actually follow my advice. 🙂 As my sprinklers have been going all day (first time this year) I keep thinking that I should probably bring a watering can inside as well.

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