July 2015 To-Do List

Broadfork -- 8-15-2014Flower Gardens


  • Plant wildflowers, cosmos, celosia, and zinnia.

Native Plants

  • Thin out the Oregon grape.


  • Spread compost on the fuchsias.
  • Prune the deadwood off the fuchsias.


  • Weed the rose beds.
  • Tie up any new canes on the climber that I want to become part of the framework.
  • Remove blind shoots.
  • Trim off blackspot.
  • Deadhead the climbing rose.


  • Weed around the azalea, lilac, and barberry.
  • Prune as needed.


  • Fertilize once.


  • Mulch everything to prevent drought stress.
  • Clean and sharpen the pruners.


  • Inspect and photograph the trees.
  • Remove sucker sprouts.
  • Give the hazelnut and cherry a deep soak to combat drought stress.

Vegetable Garden

  • Order garlic.
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