Is This The End?

All summer long, I have been battling bees.  It started with a small paper nest of yellow-jackets, resting at ground level.  After that, I almost stepped on another yellow-jacket nest.  Although this one didn’t get much blog space, it was especially tricky to get rid of, since we had to first weed through dense grass in order to even see the entrance hole.  To make things even trickier, it was in the cats’ favorite hangout spot, so we could only spray at night and we had to wash everything down with the sprinkler first thing in the morning, so we didn’t accidentally poison our pets.  Then, mere days after we ended that battle, we discovered the mother load.

Even after dousing it with two cans of spray, the hornets tenaciously clung on, so we eventually had to lean out of our window and spray it that way.  Three days with no signs of hornets, but we are still leery.

Promised pics:

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