I’m Still Here!

I know it’s been a while, but I am still here.  We’ve just been dealing with medical issues and Internet issues, and in the meantime, I’ve been trying to actually get SOME gardening done instead of just writing about it.

Quick Recap:

1) I did harvest my late garlic in bunches, but have not yet had the chance to braid it.

2) My peas ended up with mosaic virus, so I had to rip them out, solarize the soil, and I still need to sterilize all equipment.  (I do have pictures, but don’t trust my Internet to hang on long enough to post them.)

3) Research says that everything that touched the peas needs to be boiled, not bleached, but I don’t have a big enough container for that.  We’re going to try using pure bleach instead of a bleach solution and see if that works.  If I spread it around next year, I’ll just have to toss the tools, but I figure it’s worth a shot.

4) My potatoes need to be harvested.  If we have enough time and energy tomorrow after sterilizing my tools and braiding the garlic, I will do that.

5) I really haven’t done much else except for usually remembering to water — hence, lots and lots of weeds.

6) We have had our first frost, so I should probably tent the tomatoes.  I’m holding off until the potatoes are harvested.  We never have that huge of a tomato crop anyway.

7) As I said earlier, our Internet’s been all wonky.  At this point, we have replaced everything that can be replaced and need a technician to come out, but that means being able to be here when the technician is.  When that issue is taken care of, I’ll have more regular posts again.

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