Harvest Delight

My Lone Pumpkin

My first pumpkin of the season — possibly my only pumpkin.  In the past, my pumpkins have gone bonkers, taking over the entire yard and the harvest has been much bigger.  This year, however, they were much more sedate, so I am enjoying what I can get.

My Potato Harvest

My potatoes, on the other hand, did marvelously.  These fingerlings will keep us in soups and stews all winter long.

My Turnip Harvest

My turnips also did well.  Granted, this doesn’t look like much, but it was the third picking of the year.  Also, this was a trial crop, so I only planted a 1/4 plot.  Next year, they get a plot all to themselves.

What the Bugs Harvested

Evidence that I should have harvested the last of the turnips a week or so ago.  Interestingly, despite having been hollowed out by bugs, only two of the affected turnips were rotten.  I should probably have some sort of setup to collect “ruined” veggies like this for stock.  For right now, though, they just go into the compost.  At least the greens could be harvested.

Still growing:

* Tomatoes.  We’ll see if these get harvested.  The plants are flourishing, but all the fruits are still green.

* Pumpkins.  I’ve got at least two more vines that are still flowering.

* Beans.  They can be picked now, but aren’t at ideal ripeness yet.  By the end of the week, though, they’ll be ready.

* Carrots.  Finally looking good after being reseeded twice.

* Parsnips.  Thought they died, but found a couple survivors yesterday.

* Chard.

* Onions.

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