Happy Holidays!

I hope Santa was good to everybody this Christmas.  I only got a couple of gardening items, but they were good ones.  I got a book on garden insects of North America, and the Vegetable Gardener’s Bible (which I had tried unsuccessfully to steal from my sister).

I know my blog has been slow recently.  I am still chipping away at my garden, but between battling daylight availability and weather there just hasn’t been much to write about.  Hopefully that will change with the new year.

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  1. Jeff Z says:

    Here’s an idea- evaluate how all the seeds you bought last spring actually worked out in the garden. I spent a couple of days doing that, and posted it last night. It was a lot of fun, and hopefully useful for someone else poring over catalogs, thinking about what to plant next spring.

    I’ve posted it at: http://eighthacrefarm.blogspot.com/2011/12/seed-reviews-2011s-results-2012s-hopes.html

    Happy winter!


    • Sarah Sarah says:

      I like that idea! I generally take note of what crops are doing well and what ones aren’t, but I need to be better at documenting different varieties. Each year, I tell myself that I will write them down, and then in all the hustle and bustle of planting season I inevitably forget.

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