Garden Chores: October 2011


* Buy garlic and spring bulbs.

* Visit nurseries to get ideas for fall shrubs.  I can’t afford to buy any (those darned bulbs are expensive) but I can jot down names and possibly make room for them in the budget later on.


* Attack the ivy.  Prune off flowerheads and dig up roots.

* Edge beds.

* Rake leaves as needed.  If there is more than enough for mulch, add it to the compost.

* Update bird feeders and bird bath.  The bird feeders I have now are great for the summer, but they mold pretty quickly in the sideways rains of the fall and winter months.  As for the bird bath, I love it, but it is not holding water any more.  Having it for decorative value alone just does not cut it.


* Clean hanging baskets.

* Try to catch up on weeding.


* Toward the end of the month,  prune all the foliage off the non-climbing roses.  I also need to prune out any blackspot and prune back any extra-long canes that could get damaged in the winter wind storms.  If I see any wasp galls, those should also be trimmed off and placed around the garden.

Vegetable Garden

* Prep the cold frame for a fall sowing of lettuce.

* Spread compost over the potato beds and sow with a cover crop.

Herb Garden

* Transplant oregano.  If this doesn’t get done by the end of the month, I’ll have to at least transfer it to bigger pots.

Fruits, Nuts, and Berries

* Fertilize potted strawberry once.

* Prep new strawberry bed.

* Topdress apple tree, hazelnuts, and blueberries with compost.

* Mulch apple tree, hazelnuts, and blueberries with fallen leaves.

Flower Garden

* As always: Conquer the front bed.  It will eventually happen.

* Mark plants that need to be moved or divided.

* Transplant hostas and fuchsia.

* Pull out bachelor’s button and hope it does not reseed.  The flowers are showy, but they look messy and weedy next to the house.

* Deadhead the allium.


* Topdress with compost.

* Plant the hyacinths before the tulips.


* Continue tying the climbing roses to the trellis.

* Mulch with fallen leaves.

Native Plants:

* Transplant ferns.

* Topdress Indian plum and ferns with compost.

* Mulch with fallen leaves.


* Topdress with compost.

* Mulch.


* Continue thatching, aerating, and reseeding until the 15th.  Anything that is left will have to wait until spring.


* Fertilize once.

* Water only once this month.

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2 Responses to Garden Chores: October 2011

  1. Jerre says:

    And yet, here is the rain. I hope I get my garden winterized. I didn’t last year and it sure slowed down my already slow spring/summer planting! My flower beds are in better shape going into winter than they’ve been for a few years, though.

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