Garden Chores: November 2011


  • Where are the drainage problems?
  • Look at pictures from this summer. What do I like?  What don’t I like?


  • Check on plants under eaves and in the cold frame.  Are they getting enough water?
  • Update bird feeders and bird bath.
  • Sharpen mower blades.


  • Rake leaves as needed.
  • Conquer the front bed.
  • Edge beds.


  • Mow as needed.


  • Save major pruning for later.
  • Prune out blackspot on roses and trim back long canes.
  • Prune wasp galls off roses and place them around the garden.

Fruits, Nut, and Berries

  • Top-dress hazelnuts with compost and then mulch them with leaves.
  • Prep new strawberry bed.
  • Cut down the dying apple tree.

Vegetable Garden

  • Continue cleanup as crops are harvested.

Herb Garden

  • Nothing this month.

Flower Garden


  • Pull out the last of the bachelor’s button.


  • Top-dress bulbs with compost.
  • Plant the hyacinths before the tulips.
  • Mulch any newly planted bulbs with leaves.

Native Plants:

  • Divide the sword fern, transplant it, and then top-dress it with compost.


  • Transplant the fuchsia from the front bed to the shade garden.
  • Transplant the hostas from the backyard to the shade garden.


  • Trim the leaves from all non-climbing roses.
  • Top-dress the roses with compost and then mulch them with leaves.
  • Check for damage after windstorms.


  • Top-dress shrubs with compost and then mulch them.


  • Clear the hops vines from the trellis.
  • Attack the ivy, blackberry, and the bindweed.


  • Water them only once this month, but keep an eye on the African violet.
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