Bring on the Rain!

Apparently laying my potatoes out to cure under a leaky roof wasn’t the best plan.  Yesterday, the rain wasn’t that bad.  It rained off and on all day, but it was a slow, steady rain.  I made sure the potatoes weren’t under a drip and left it at that.

I woke up this morning, planning to put all the cured potatoes into storage and making sure all the rest were as far from any of the drips as possible.  That’s when I discovered our nice, easy rain of yesterday had turned into a deluge over night, and the roof was leaking a lot worse (For being top-priority since we bought the place, our deck roof has never been replaced).  All the potatoes were at least damp, and a bunch of them were soaked.

I ended up, setting up the card tables in the shop and laying the potatoes out there, like I should have done in the first place.  It doesn’t have the air circulation of the deck, but at least they will dry out.

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  1. Jerre says:

    Bah! Rain!! I still need to clean out the garlic bed and replant for next year. Although I got more of my garden winterized than I did last year.

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