Beware Of What You Ask For

Since my last post, it has hardly stopped raining.  In fact, we had such a ferocious storm this week, that my herb gardens were flooded in pools of water half a foot deep.  I am sure I was a hilarious sight with my raincoat and rubber boot digging trenches and removing stones and bricks from under the fence (a failed attempt to keep our puppy in) in the pouring down rain and howling wind.

The water did finally drain away yesterday, but things were still soppy enough that I crossed my fingers for another dry day.  I did not get it.  The rains returned and so has the flooding, although not to such an extreme amount.

In the end, I will probably have to reshape the terrain, but in the meantime, I will just aerate the heck out of the flooded area to provide more drainage.  I will also keep an eye on the affected area throughout the winter.  It may just be due to getting nine inches of rain in a 24 hour period.  True, last night’s rain, along with what fell this morning, was not nearly that great of quantities, but the ground was too saturated to wick any of it away.

Also, although our lawn floods every year, this is the first time it has flooded to the foundation since we have moved here.  The herb beds are new and as they are built up again with the addition of compost and mulch, and as the plants grow and develop bigger root systems, things should get better.

Only time will tell.

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3 Responses to Beware Of What You Ask For

  1. Jerre says:

    Next weeks supposed to be pretty much dry through the weekend. Of course, that means chance of freezing, this time of year.

  2. Jerre says:


  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    Tomorrow and Thursday are the only days that might be dry here. However, at this point, I will take it.

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