Balancing My Love of Bulbs with the Need for Diversity

It might have taken three months, but the ground finally dried out enough for me to plant my tulips.  Fortunately, only a few of them were moldy.  Along with not wanting to waste my money (they were spendy) I’ve been looking forward to seeing them in bloom.  I realize they won’t be at their best this year, but at least they will be better than the lawn that has been overtaking my front flower bed.

My main worry right now is that I am overdoing it with the bulbs.  I already have bluebells, canna lilies, and two varieties of hyacinths.  The only perennial in that section is my Knapweed.  (I finally identified my mystery plant!)  As much as I love bulbs, the garden will be rather boring if that is all it consists of.

I am doing two things to combat this.  First, I am only adding two to three new varieties at a time.  This will hopefully help limit a single day of impulsive buying from dominating the bed.

The second thing I am doing is taking lots of pictures.  This will help me assess color schemes, seasonal transitions, and plant architecture.  The fewer plants I have to discard or find a new home for the better.

My front garden bed is definitely still a work in progress.  By the end of the summer, though, it should be more like what I have envisioned.

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6 Responses to Balancing My Love of Bulbs with the Need for Diversity

  1. Jeff Z says:

    I hope you post pictures soon! For those of us in cold climates (not too cold this year, but still not gardening weather) it’s always nice to see some photos of what gardeners in milder areas are doing. It’s just nice to see something green too.

  2. Jason says:

    I can’t imagine planting tulips in February. October is the latest we can do it here.

    Have you tried camassia?

    • Sarah Sarah says:

      Jason, I hadn’t even heard of camassia before, so I had to look it up. I love the blues! They just might be on my list for next year.

      As for planting bulbs in February, I should have done it in late October or early November as well, but the rains got in the way. Hopefully the growth won’t be too stunted this year.

  3. Jerre says:

    If you ever get to the point of dividing bulbs, I’ll take any surplus! I also always have those tall yellow lillies if you have someplace for naturalizing. They spread like crazy and are hard to weed.

    • Sarah Sarah says:

      No room for naturalizing, unfortunately. If you come over, though, you can have plenty of bluebells. Most of the year, I just toss the bulbs away if I accidentally dig them up.

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