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August Wrap Up

Like most gardeners, my to-do list tends to be bigger than I can actually accomplish each month.  However, some of it still manages to be crossed off the list.  Here is the wrap up of what I did get done … Continue reading

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My Trees

For living on such a small plot of land, I actually have quite a few trees.  Some of them I like, some I hate, and some I just do not know what to think.  Here is the rundown. Poplars By … Continue reading

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Completing the Herb Garden

After digging out all the poplars and removing the cinder blocks, I was finally ready to move onto the more normal aspects of prepping my herb garden.  First, I had to loosen the soil.  Since it was so heavily compacted … Continue reading

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Battle of the Cinder Blocks

As I mentioned in my previous post, after finally clearing most of the poplar roots from my new herb bed, I discovered that cinder blocks were buried under the dirt — a good five to six inches deep — in … Continue reading

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Attack of the Poplars

For years I have been trying to get an herb garden established. Unfortunately for me, though, a good portion of our yard floods every winter.  Each time I thought I had found a good spot, the floods would destroy the … Continue reading

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Searching for the Perfect Avatar

At times I can be a perfectionist.  I get an idea in my head that seems absolutely perfect.  Then, when that perfection is not readily attainable, I cannot and will not deal with lesser substitutes.  This is why my house … Continue reading

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Pruning and Shaping

Normally, I try to post one blog entry during the week and one on the weekend.  That was not going to happen last week, though, because we were going camping.  Realizing this, I planned to do some super-easy garden work … Continue reading

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Locally Grown Heirloom Garlic

In August 2012, I posted about a bumper crop of garlic.  It grew so well that I had full intentions of using some of it for seed.  Unfortunately, that October had heavier rainfall than normal.  Any marginally clear day had … Continue reading

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Giving the Lavender a Haircut

Everything is so dry right now that I have to run the sprinklers just to be able to weed without choking on the dust.  Yesterday, by the time I watered things down, thee was not a lot of time left … Continue reading

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August To Do List

Maintenance Sharpen mower blades. Water when needed. As always, keep on weeding. Vegetable Garden Plant lettuce, peas, and beans. Order garlic bulbs. Sow cover crops. Herb Garden Remove flower stems from the lavender when it finishes blooming. Reshape lavender if … Continue reading

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