August To Do List

Broadfork -- 8-15-2014


  • Start thinking about Spring bulbs.  I know I need more flowers during the Spring months, but I am not sure whether or not they should be bulbs.  I have to look at pictures and decide what is more important: filling in the hyacinth border or getting more varieties to fill in elsewhere.
  • I need to photograph the roses this month.


  • Clean and sharpen the pruners.  Yes, I realize this has been on the agenda since Spring and I still haven’t done it yet.
  • Edge the beds.
  • Wash the outsides of the container pots.  This absolutely must be done before I haul them back to my classroom.
  • Clean the areas where the houseplants are displayed.
  • Buy more clips for the bean cage.
  • Watch the rain gauge.  Plants need at least one inch of water a week, more if there is a sudden rise in temperature, like we are having today.
  • Continue my weekly checks on all plants that are new within the last three years.

Vegetable Garden

  • Keep checking garlic for readiness.
  • Plant beans, carrots, radishes, and parsnips.  Yes, I do know that it is August.  No, they are not in the ground yet.
  • Set up the bean cage.

Herb Garden

  • Plant basil.

Flower Garden


  • Plant celosia.  This would have gone in last week, but I was battling a bee nest instead.  It took several days to find the actual entrance and we had to hose the bee bomb off every morning so we didn’t end up poisoning our cats.


  • Put compost around the calla lilies.

Native Plants:

  • Weed around the Indian plum.


  • Cut them back if they start to get leggy.


  • This is the last month I can transplant the two roses by the back deck if I want them to get settled in before winter.
  • Weed around the roses.
  • Continue tying climbers to the trellis as needed.


  • Prune if needed.


  • Check for repotting needs.  This must be done before hauling them back to school.
  • Water the outside container plants once or twice a day if needed.
  • Fertilize every two weeks.
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3 Responses to August To Do List

  1. Becky says:

    Do you normally do fall plantings? If so, what do you plant? We are thinking of doing some fall/winter stuff, but have never done anything beyond peas/beans/carrots (and this year’s pumpkins and squash). How does that impact rotations – or does it – with raised beds? Do you refresh the beds with more compost/manure before fall planting?

    • Sarah Sarah says:

      About the only fall planting I do is garlic and parsnips. The rains just get too heavy for anything else, even if the temperature isn’t bad. And, unless I am planting something that doesn’t like it (parsnips), I add compost before every planting. If I can get the beds cleaned up in time, I also plant green manure in the finished beds.

    • Jerre says:

      Becky, you could try fall carrots or overwinter brocolli, but you have to get them in right now. Territorial has fall-planting varieties.

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