April Wrap Up

Wheelbarrow of Poplar Roots -- 8-3-2014


  • I finally created my planting schedule for the year.  I’m already behind on it, but at least it’s there.


  • My husband sharpened the lawn mower blades.


  • We thatched and reseeded the side lawn, knowing that it will have to be redone again in the fall.  The moss was so pervasive, though, that we decided it was worth it.
  • We lightly thatched the front lawn.  A more thorough job will be done in the fall when we reseed.

Vegetable Garden

  • The potatoes got planted.

Flower Garden


  • The alyssum got planted.  It is weirding me out that it was planted in the vegetable bed, but it is my daughter’s garden, so I’m keeping my mouth shut.


  • I thoroughly weeded around the bulbs in the front bed.


  • I pruned the bayberry.  This wasn’t strictly necessary, but it looks better if it’s branches don’t co-mingle with the cherry tree.
  • I finally cut down the Spirea.  Now I just have to get a shrub to replace it.


  • I pruned the vines.  Really, I should have just taken the entire mess down, but neither my husband nor I felt like hitching a chain to the truck so we could pull the snags down.

With all the rain we’ve been having, I have been feeling discouraged and behind in my gardening.  Looking at this list, however, I realize things really are starting to pick up.

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