Almost There

This is the time of year I both love and loathe.  Everything is green and growing, and summer is almost here, yet it rains continually, and the weeds are growing just as quickly, if not more, than what I actually want to grow.  On top of that, both track and school are ending, adding even more to my schedule.

Soon I will have more time on my hands.  After last Sunday’s banquet, track is over, and we just have 8 more days until school is out.  Until then, however, I am balancing all my responsibilities (or not) as best as I can and praying for sunny (or even just dry) weekends.

If my posts seem scattered lately, this is why.  One thing I will work on over the summer is stocking up on posts.  Although I prefer to keep things current, I also like to avoid long gaps between posts.

For those of you who keep your own blogs, even if they aren’t related to gardening, do you keep a stockpile of just-in-case posts, and if so, what types of posts do you stockpile?

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  1. Becky says:

    I keep meaning to create a stockpile of posts, but I haven’t quite made it, between being busy with school then being busy with a baby.

    What I have done is create a list of possible posts for the future, and have a few starts of posts. What I want to do is create some update posts for things I have started or experimented with (I write a post every time I try something, whether or not the results are remarkably good or not). If I have those technique update posts on hand, they’re quick updates. For example, I have an update on sourdough that is more or less ready to go for a week when I don’t have much planned, and I can update our garden progress regularly.

    I’ll also probably make some reserve posts this summer on preserving and sausage making – we’ll make sausages all in one day, but I’ll probably split it into at least two (if not three) posts – one for each basic type of sausage we make. I want to get back on track with cheese making, too. That’s another thing that is conducive to update posts, especially with the hard cheeses that take several weeks to mature. I want to make Randy do some brewing/wine-making posts as well.

    For you, maybe have some posts discussing crops you want to try or gardening techniques you want to try and why, or things you learned from your garden the past season/year. I’d be interested to read things that discuss not only what you do, but why you did it/your reaction to it.

    • Becky says:

      Maybe posts on techniques you’ve read about that you want to try and why/your thoughts on them and how they would work in your garden.

      Also, anything you’ve done on self-sustainability (saving seeds, etc.) in gardening.

      Totally off-topic, did you know there’s a free seed exchange in Olympia? You can bring some in and get others, or just pick some up. I want to check it out some time, but it’s only open for a few hours Friday and Saturday afternoons.

    • Sarah Sarah says:

      Thanks for the ideas! I did start stockpiling on a small scale in the fall, but they were used up pretty quickly. This summer I want to be more serious about it, so I can maybe last out the winter glut with at least weekly posts.

      • Becky says:

        You could also make your wrap-up/prior month review a post on a different week than your next month’s to-do list

        • Sarah Sarah says:

          It’s supposed to be on the last day of the month and then the first day of the next month. I’ve just been having time management issues lately. 🙂

      • Jerre says:

        You could also talk about success/failure of storing produce. What your family wants more or less of. What the kids like to grow and why. A “what-if” list: what if you had more room, more sunshine, more time, a root cellar ….

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