Rain and Weeds

Despite the rain, I am finally making some progress in the garden.  Even though I’m still catching up to where I thought I would be in April (thank you, rainy Spring) the vegetables are almost all planted.

My Lawn

My Vegetable Garden

I am also starting to see some progress with the weeding — through my efforts, not the girls’.  G is doing a better job than last year, but at seven, she’s still learning.  C is just being stubborn, partly because she’s a teenager, but also because she thinks saying she doesn’t know what is a weed and what isn’t is easier than having me out there showing her the difference.

I will say that knowing the difference between weeds and keepers was a lot easier a month ago.  Unfortunately, the weeds absolutely love this weather, and beds that were clean and neat just a few weeks ago are now overgrown.  Now that summer is here, though, I will have time to fully join in the battle.

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